Are you looking for a bespoke private label coffee roast to market under your own brand?

At the Welsh Coffee company we have the expertise and flexibility to offer quality private label coffee to brand owners.

Coffee may be one of the world’s biggest commodity crops but it is anything but a commodity to us.  We use only the best coffee beans which are grown on small hillside farms from across the tropics.  Skilfully roasting to order in our drum roaster; we can help you access amazing artisan private label coffee for your brand.

We will work with you to ensure your coffee hits all the right flavour notes – whether chocolate, floral, or fruity take your fancy. Whatever origin and processes your favour, we craft coffees with all the right credentials.   By carefully selecting the right blend of beans, and developing a tailored roast profile, we will supply a superior private label coffee that you’ll be proud to market under your own brand name.

With minimum private label coffee batch quantities from just 10KG, contact us to explore all the options available.

Private Label Coffee | The Welsh Coffee Company