Huw Williams is founder of the Welsh Coffee Company

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Huw Williams

To explain how Huw got into coffee, we’ve got to go surfing.  To Australia.  That was where a young, care-free Huw headed off to on a working visa in the late 90’s.  In pursuit of the waves.  He did find some great waves.  But he also found Coffee.  Really good coffee.  A quality and diversity of coffee that the UK hadn’t yet woken up to.  Named origin coffee from amazing places.  It delivered stunning globe-trotting flavours to match.

This induction into the world of speciality coffee ignited a passion that stayed with Huw, long after the last grain of Australian sand had fallen out of his flip-flops.

Fast forward 10-odd years.  Huw was still by the sea.  Back in his native Wales with a proper job and a young family.  A keen foodie, he was an adventurous home-cook.  He surprised all his friends when he turned up on the telly as a Master Chef competitor.   Huw still surfed.  Life was good.  Less sunny than those aussie days, but still good.  The Welsh coffee scene however, was not so good.

This was bought into sharp focus when a friend from Australia came to visit.  Huw arranged to meet him for a coffee on his favourite local beach.  There couldn’t be a nicer way to catch up with an old friend?  In that lovely beachside café, with a fabulous view of the clouds racing over the sea, 2 coffees were set down in front of 2 old friends.

The Aussie chef however, was not at all impressed by the welsh coffee before him.  To be fair, it was pretty ropey stuff.  He refused to drink the coffee.  And Huw was mortified.  He loved proper coffee too.  Why was he just accepting such a pale imitation?   In his heart and his head Huw knew that there was better coffee to be had out there. It was time to make this happen!

Find out where the coffee-calling led Huw in ‘Our Coffee.’


Welsh Coffee | Coffee Roasters of Single Origin Beans

From Colombia to Gower, to you.

The sea never left this story.  The Welsh Coffee Company now resides in a wooden-clad former National Trust industrial unit in the Gower Peninsular Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Just a coffee bean’s hop, skip and a jump from the sea.  As you stand at the shoreline, the sea brings the world to lap at your feet.  And our small roastery is bringing some the world’s best coffee to its welsh doorstep.
As coffee roasters we’ll never really settle down.  There are so many beans and roasts to explore.  Mug-in-hand, with a view of the sea, we indulge our wanderlust through our coffee.  And the deeper we’ve immersed ourselves in the world of specialist coffee, the more inspired we’ve become.  We’d love to share some incredible coffees with you.