Huw Williams is founder of the Welsh Coffee Company

We decided at the start of 2011 that it was the perfect time to buy a coffee roaster and sell small batches of high quality speciality grade coffee in Wales. Similar to the “new wave” coffee roasters based in Scandinavia and Australia we wanted to produce a lighter roasted coffee which was better in quality and taste.

Naturally we wanted our new coffee company to reflect our outdoor lifestyle of surfing, walking, yoga and our ethos of looking after the natural environment, appreciating its beauty and conserving and protecting it. Hence, our Probat roaster is based at Ewenny, in the Vale of Glamorgan. And our head office is based in Ogmore-by-Sea, so that we can see the sea and check the surf, while we work!

Our Probat roaster is called Dragon, it creates the flame that is at the heart of our award winning coffee.

Welsh Coffee | Coffee Roasters of Single Origin Beans

Our blends and single origin coffees are created from carefully selected high grade green coffee beans, which are lightly roasted by hand in small batches to enhance their unique qualities and flavours.

Our determination to only source high quality green beans, to roast our own coffee using our own unique roast profiles and create the most delicious coffee has led to us winning three Great Taste awards and we have been awarded Great Taste Producer status.

We keep a relaxed and happy outlook by focusing on combining coffee with an outdoor healthy, mindful and coastal lifestyle.

We love being part of the process of perfecting coffee. Ensuring that all coffee enthusiasts stay caffeinated.